• Collaboration
    There’s an old African proverb that says “If you want to go far, go together.”
    The development of pharmaceuticals is a series of difficult steps, so you can’t create a new one alone.
    We not only respect individual diversity, but also value global teamwork.
    Our purpose is to develop new medicines with innovative technologies for incurable patients. Experts in various fields of science,
    such as medicine, technology, and research have been working together as a team with faster and more efficient ways.
    Working as a team is a core value company, and we believe that it can create innovation and results.
  • Innovation
    The definition of ‘innovation’ consists of new ideas, devices, or methods in the dictionary; however, it is more like the term that is
    unique and more effective. This “new idea” is a challenging and valuable thing, and it brings more powerful, innovative and more
    effective medicines when we share ideas and connect them together. Therefore, innovation can enhance corporate value and bring
    evolution to the world in the long run.
  • Expertise
    Academic knowledge is significant in the field of scientific research. If researchers’ scientific expertise is not deep enough to be
    used practically, they will not be able to design, develop, or test new medicines. We believe that even 2% can make a big difference,
    so the more profound the academic expertise is, the more efficiently and quickly the technology increases the enterprise value.
  • Belief
    It is pleasant and interesting to challenge something worthwhile with goal-conscious mind, but it brings about failure and suffering.
    No matter how well we plan, we can always encounter unexpected problems. However, if there is a strong belief in developing
    medicines for patients, it is the best solution to face these problems.